In this article, we are going to uncover some of the possible reasons why the phone might be stuck on the Apple icon and then suggest possible fixes that you can try to get rid of this problem.

Hold down the side control button. Keep pressing the side button until you finally see the TV in recovery mode. iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: Press and hold the volume down button and the sleep/wake switch. Hold down the volume down button until the recovery mode screen appears.

Why is my phone stuck on the Apple symbol?

It’s frustrating when those iPhones get stuck on the Apple logo for hours and the owners can’t scroll through Instagram or reconnect with their friends. iSmash specialists will help you solve this problem. Read on to learn more about how an iPhone tacked onto the Apple logo should actually be.

Why IPhone Freezes And Locks To Apple Logo

The new iphone4 freezes on the provider logo screen when there is a problem with the mobile phone’s operating system or hardware. It is difficult for the average user to determine the cause of the problem, but there are several common causes:

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Part 1. About IOS Stuck On The Apple Logo

Many iOS users are concerned about many system problems, such as the following:Others have even reported that this happened at random times.


Make Sure Your Phone Line Is Charged

While it is unlikely that the problem will be fixed, this troubleshooting method helped to transfer your telephone. a logo screen with this gives you more time to see sooner or later the iPhone will leave a logo screen on your product without any extra steps. Just to make sure your iPhone has enough power: put your phone in the charger and leave it there for an hour or two to make sure the phone has enough power to complete the download process.

phone stuck on apple symbol

Why My Personal IPhone Stuck On The Apple Logo?

The Apple logo appears when the best iPhone reboots or restarts, it should usually appear for a few seconds, then your iPhone should boot up on the home screen. Sometimes the logo can get stuck, and in most cases it’s just a software glitch.

Why Is My 12 Stuck On The Apple Logo?

When the “iPhone is turned off and accompanies it on boot, it runs a series of tests to make sure that the hardware and softwarethe reading is working correctly. When your iPhone 12 detects something is wrong, it will get stuck on the Apple logo.

Force Restart IPhone

Force Restart iPhone is the first thing you really try to do. if your iPhone is stuck on update, cold boot or reboot because you dreamed about reboot. It’s also a hit on the price, if your device pops up you can get stuck in a loading circle where the Apple logo occasionally disappears for a few seconds while the device tries to reboot.

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Ways To Fix IPhone Confuse With Logo Apple

One of the easiest solutions is to restart your device. This will stop my running process and get you out of the situation. The steps for a forced restart are different for different models in combination with iPhone and iPad. We have a detailed article on this.

phone stuck on apple symbol

Reasons Why IPhone Stuck On Apple Logo

Although iPhone stuck on Apple logo, it has always been a regular and common problem, regardless of the state of the experts say that it doesn’t mean it happens for no reason. Some Technical issues cause conflicts such as iPhone boot loop, iPhone stuck on recovery screen, iPhone black computer of death, iPhone error 4013, iPhone smartphone error and 6009, iPhone stuck on Apple logo. Let’s consider these reasons in more detail. iPhone usually won’t turn on if it’s stuck on the Apple logo:

Option 1: Force Restart Available On IPhone With Apple Logo – Loop

If iPhone keeps restarting with Apple logo during the process Boot is often related to what the operating system has to offer. A good old forced restart (or Solid reset) sometimes fixes this unexpected behavior and fixes a lot of other simple problems.

IPhone Stuck At Apple Logo

Is your iPhone stuck at the end of the Apple logo brown screen and won’t turn on? In fact, an iPhone stuck on the Apple logo (sometimes we call it a shiny Apple or a dead white Apple screen) is a common problem that iPhone users face.

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