Recently, some of our readers reported that Microsoft Outlook cannot print if nothing is selected.

How do you fix Cannot print unless an item is selected Outlook 2013?

When printing as Outlook, it stopped working after Windows promotion. If your company is getting the error “Unable to print, it goes without saying that an item was selected when trying to print. Please select a new item and try publishing it again.”

Cannot Print If Item Is Not Selectable

Outlook (2019 Office 365) displays an error message when printing an email. The error occurs both when trying a text file > and when right clicking -> quick print, with neither error showing the same message. However, Word or Excel documents may reside on the printer.

Printing Problems In Outlook 2003 And Earlier

Messages prepared in HTML format in Outlook 2003 and earlier use the Internet Print Center Explorer. However, the Internet Explorer print engine has more printing options, but the downside remains the same: it doesn’t allow you to choose which pages to print.

How Do I Enable Printing Of PDF Attachments In Fix Outlook 365? ?

If you write that the quick print option in Outlook is not considered to be working, this is, verPresumably because your printer is probably not even configured as a normal device for this particular action.

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microsoft outlook cannot print unless an item is selected

3 . Fixing Office/Outlook

The Not Implemented error can also appear unless your Outlook installation is working or if you have installed two versions of Outlook, which is known as a side-by-side installation. Example: You have installed Outlook 2013 and still need an older version, e.g. B. Whether you have Outlook 2007 or Outlook 2010 installed on your system. In such cases, working with the Office/Outlook application can help fix this error.

microsoft outlook cannot print unless an item is selected