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Hidden City Hidden Objects.June trip.Puzzle.Secret society.Time Rift – Hidden Object Mystery.Alice in the Mirrors of Albion is special.criminal record.Interior Designer – Hidden Objects Dream Home.

What is the best hidden object game?

Hidden object games would be casual puzzle adventures that would definitely require players to search for hidden objects in scenes. Images where the objects are the player’s backend. are often complex and can certainly force players to look up things by a picture or a word to summarize the subject. These games often have elements of mysticism, romance, horror or fantasy. In addition, there are often times and clicks games with unique 2D art.

Time Gap: Hidden Object Mystery

Travel his world and travel through time to unravel the mystery of time travel! Find hidden items as you encounter historical facts (such as Cleopatra, Mona and Lisa, Abraham Lincoln and many more) and unravel a mysterious time travel conspiracy. There are also match 3 and filter shooter mini-games to keep you occupied between hidden puzzles.

Big Fish Collection

Big Games Fish Games is actually a publisher of famous video games. which seems to be one of the cornerstones of hidden object gamesmi. Especially on the iPad. There is a long list of great games out there, and they tend to have decent reviews, not to mention Otherworld: Shades of the Fall, Dark Parables, Dark Strokes, and Red Riding Hood: Games, among other terrible games. Games vary in price, but most are free with in-app purchases or cheaper paid games. You can find the maximum list by clicking the button just below, but you will have to search for it yourself in Apple iTunes.

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Hidden People

Hidden People, published in 2017 by Adrian de Jong, despite on what, is a favorite. The beautifully drawn world of illustrator Sylvain Tegroeg is delightful paired with the wacky Hidden Folks animation while listening to the soundtracks. There is so much to believe in these chaotic black and white worlds.

June’s Journey: Hidden Objects

Among the large selection of these games, there is another popular hidden object game. The high quality of the game is quite amazing and you can use your device to find the main items that can test your declaration skills. June’s Journey is an online game that reveals An engaging historical environment. The game may be set in 1920s America. The game revolves around the digital name June as she is taken by her niece in search of her missing sister. During the game, you have circumnavigated the world and traveled to various places.

What Are Hidden Object Games?

Hidden object games are a popular genre of video applications mainly aimed at casual gamers . . The main objective of the hidden task game is to find all of our own items listed on the screen. As the popularity of the genre grows, so does its difficulty.

best hidden object games app

Pearl’s Peril: Peril Hidden Objects

Pearl’s is one of the most mysterious Find It games. Pearl is usually the main character. She wants to solve the mystery of her suicidal father. It won’t be easy if you want to find the killer as you travel through different locations, from the streets of 1920s New York to Paris, in this top hidden dot game.

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best hidden object games app

At Last!


My goal was to help create a review of top secret hidden object and detective games for Android and even iPad that their fans opuseful here, since the above games, installed without an Internet connection, can become.

What is the best hidden object game for iPhone?

Do you have attention to detail? Well, then backyard games might suit you. They will tickle your brain and test your powers of observation to make sure you can solve a lot of puzzles. In addition, it offers many useful storylines that will not leave you indifferent. So put on your detective hat and check out our list of the best hidden object games.ami for iPhone and iPad.

What is the name of the game where you find hidden objects?

I’m not a big gamer, but whenever I have the opportunity to play, I almost always go for the challenge style games where you are known for your patience and ability to see and understand things. If you’re like me, your family might enjoy a hidden object game of golf where you have to find each of our items carefully hidden in the application environment. Here are some of the best hidden object games for Android that you should definitely try.